WordPress Performance Tuning

We like to work quickly here at Fastest Wordpress. It’s in our nature. But speed doesn’t mean a job half done. We’ll give your site a comprehensive service that guarantees a quicker performance. Quite simply, we won’t stop until your site is faster.

A bleep test to identify the problems and formulate a plan.


Your website goes under the knife. It’ll be quicker than ever when it wakes up.


Final checks to make sure things are running as fast as they should be.

Final Product

It’s ALIVE! We release your site back into the wild. Harder, better, faster, stronger.


Caching gives your server a break by shifting some of the workload onto your visitor’s browser. Everyone wins. You got any cache on you? Yeah, you do now.


Surplus data slows down your website. Minification is the process of trimming that excess without affecting functionality. We happen to be experts at it.


By combining your CSS and JS files into individual super files, we’ll reduce the number of HTTP requests your website has to process. That means loads more speed.

Image Optimization

We’ll apply lossless compression to your images, making them less of a chore for your website to load. The same image quality, only way more efficient.

Content Delivery

CDN's ensure fast load times across the globe by distributing bandwidth across multiple servers, instead of leaving it to just your own.

Advanced Tweaks

Different websites require different optimisation. We treat every site like the individual it is, with a bespoke approach that extracts the best out of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much faster can you make my website?

As fast as it can go without requiring a complete rebuild. It’s impossible for us to promise exact load speed times before diving into optimization because all websites are different.

On average the websites we work on load within 2-3 seconds, but there have been occasions where we’ve managed sub 1 second load times.

There has never been an occasion where we’ve failed to make a website at least twice as fast as it was when given to us.

How long does the optimization process take?

The time of the optimization process will vary in length depending on the size and complexity of your WordPress website.

Our aim is to provide you with the fastest possible version of your WordPress website. Whilst we’re addicted to speed, we don’t necessarily love to rush.

What if something breaks during the process?

When handling something as delicate as website code, there’s always a chance (although slim) that an element of your website might ‘break’ in the process. Anybody that promises otherwise is simply lying.

However, you can rest assured that we have things covered.

Whilst we recommend that ALL clients take a backup before ordering our services, we also take one ourselves, just to be extra safe.

In addition to this, all advanced code tweaks we make, we first perform on a dummy. This means we take your website, clone it, host it on our server and check the optimisation before implementing on your live site.

Should any downtime occur during our optimisation process, you are agreeing that our diagnosis is accurate and that you will assist us (should we require it) to implement the solution. Again, this is highly unlikely, but if an aspect is to break in the process, that doesn’t entitle you to a refund. We’d rather just fix it.

Can you also optimize websites on WooCommerce?

Yes. We regularly work with clients that sell individual services or run full blown shops using the WooCommerce plugin.

Most WooCommerce websites we optimize load within 2 seconds, but this does depend on other factors, mainly hosting package/provider.

What login details will you need from me?

To begin we will need an Admin login to your WordPress website.

It’s also possible that during optimization, we might need to access your hosting, domain and FTP.

Rest assured that your data will only be handled by trusted employees and temporarily stored on our encrypted servers. Upon project completion, your credentials are deleted from our storage and we recommend that you then reset your passwords.

What if you cannot improve the speed of my website?

Very infrequently we encounter a website that we simply cannot fix. The most common reasons for this are poor servers, hosting, or even dodgy developer work.

If we do hit a major roadblock that means we simply cannot bring your website up to a satisfactory speed, then we will refund your order in full.

Are you ready to speed up your website?